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Aluminium Door and Window Installations & Repairs in Pretoria and Gauteng!

Are you in need of a beautiful yet affordable and long-lasting door and window solution for your commercial or residential building?Are you considering installing aluminium doors and windows?

Of course you are, or else you would not be on our website right now!

There are so many reasons to choose aluminium door and window frame installations over alternative material choices.

Some of the more well-known benefits would be things like, aluminium being a strong yet lightweight metal, it’s a compact alternative to other support structures and the fact that it’s compact size allows more natural light into your indoor spaces.

Yes, that’s right the Top 3 Reasons for installing aluminium windows and doors in both residential and commercial properties are: 

  1. Life span – aluminium lasts longer than wood
  2. Minimalistic – lighter and smaller than wood frames
  3. Low maintenance – easy to clean and no need for treating

And the list of pro’s continues…!

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    Our team of expert advisors are standing by to assist you with all your aluminium installation and stainless steel balustrade needs. With over 16 years of experience between us, your home and office building needs are in the best hands!

    Here at AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors we pride ourselves in providing a 100% satisfaction guaranteed service to all our clients. If there is any part of our service you are not 100% satisfied in, we guarantee return and resolution until the job has been done to your satisfaction.



    Various Ways to Use Aluminium in Your Home or Workspace.

    Aluminium windows, door frames and glass support can be used in so many ways.
    Due to the nature of the material being exceptionally light, aesthetically pleasing, water resistant and not to mention one can also design, shape and size the metal to basically any form, we have thus been able to supply and fit an extensive range of aluminium doors and windows to clients for just about all type of building project.

    AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors are extremely proud to share some examples of projects we have worked on recently.

    Residential Windows

    Chique home windows

    Easily maintained

    Compliments any design

    Residential Doors

    Beautiful sliding glass doors

    Connecting indoor to outdoor

    Letting-in ample natural light

    Shop Fronts

    Professional store fronts

    Welcoming visitors

    Displaying your products

    Stacking Doors

    Convenient stacking doors

    Creating wider entrance ways

    Aesthetically pleasing


    Stainless steel balustrades

    Keeping friends & families safe

    Fit for outdoor weather

    Aluminium Installations to Inspire You

    We all need a bit of inspiration when it comes to choosing the look and feel of our work or living spaces.
    We’ve put together a gallery of our favourite projects.
    Prepare to be inspired!

    Aluminium Installation Services


    AIS offer an all-in-one source, supply and install solution for all your aluminium window needs. Check out our wide selection of window frame colours, styles and sizes. You may just find something you like or even love!

    Sliding Doors

    Doors are not only made to keep out, but also to allow in. Beautifully design and placed sliding doors are ideal for allowing light and spectacular views in to your home or workplace. Which door do you prefer?


    Safety first is the aim of the game with our strong and sturdy stainless steal balustrade selection. Be it indoor or outdoor balustrade, we have the solution you’re in need of to keep you and those close to you, safe.

    It All Comes Together With AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors

    Building owners, architects and contractors who opt for using aluminium widow and door frames, almost always find that they are using a considerably less material counterparts, due to the material being so durable.

    AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors are all about connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.

    Whether it’s connecting your living room with your beautiful garden, or your store products with passing-by clients, or even if it’s connecting your indoor garden with your outdoor garden. If you’re looking for less clutter and more view, aluminium installation solutions are the way to go!

    Why Should You Choose a Professional Aluminium Installer?

    “you can’t put a price to peace of mind”

    Concerns and considerations overflow in excess whenever a new building or renovation is on the way.
    Why put yourself through the added pressure of dealing with amateurs purely for the purpose of cutting back on the budget.
    In the end, the extra time spent on follow-ups, delays and simply worrying, is worth more than the extra Rands spent on professional service providers.


    Make promises they cannot keep
    Frequently give excuses for missing deadlines
    Think only about getting the job done
    Compromise on quality to offer a lower quote
    May not be equipped to complete high-end projects


    Provide reliable and trustworthy advice
    Stick to arranged timelines and deliver as scheduled
    Consider client satisfaction throughout the progress of a project
    Makes use of highest quality products and skilled artisans
    Are fully equipped to complete projects as required

    Various Styles and Uses for Aluminium Framework

    Whether it’s for a commercial or residential building, aluminium door and window frames can be made to compliment any type of space and environment. AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors have installed aluminium frames in all rooms of clients homes, in apartment buildings, office spaces, business buildings even luxury guest houses prefer the stylish finish of aluminium framework.

    Many of our clients have come back with positive feedback not not only how beautiful these spaces look since installing aluminium frames, but also how durable and low maintenance their new doors and windows are!

    Shop Front Aluminium Windows & Doors

    Why AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors?

    Our excellent service record is well-known

    We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our call-out fees are 100% Free

    We have over 16 years of industry experience

    We swear by using only Top Quality products

    We only use established, high-end suppliers

    Assurance of value and return on your investment

    Our client reviews and contactable references says it all

    High-End Product Ranges

    AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors are firm believers in using only the best quality products and brands available, whilst making sure our installers fit these products to our clients 100% satisfaction. Get in touch with one of our consultants TODAY and experience for yourself, why every single one of our clients would not hesitate to spend a little extra in ZAR to receive so much more in return in, the form high-quality aluminium installations.

    Our Suppliers

    AIS Aluminium Windows & Doors boast having over 16 years experience in aluminium installations and stainless steel balustrade fitting industries.

    How can we let the light into your building spaces?

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    Very reliable and trustworthy team

    Thank you for the great service. Jako went the extra mile to ensure that the installation was perfect. Very reliable and trustworthy team. Well done!

    Vernon Raymond Carr

    I would highly recommend this company!

    They were very responsive to my initial enquiry. The sales person had great recommendations and helped me select an even better solution than I had in mind. The installation team were professional, punctual and did a great job. I would highly recommend this company!

    El-Shebah Migwalla

    This company was fantastic

    This company was fantastic, the quote came in on time, w
    which was a good price, The quality of the goods supplied was fantastic, the guys who came to fit the doors & eventually windows were extremely professional. I have told them if they want to show anyone what their workmanship is like they only have to call and they cam & see for themselves. That just leaves the communication, all I can say is that these people walk-the -talk. I will not hesitate to give them a call if I want anything similar carried out again.

    Don Barry

    I am happy with the service

    I am lost of words,the professionalism and neat work I have experienced with AIS is out of this world.
    ▪︎House keeping-100%(they clean as they work)
    I am happy with the service ☺

    Dorothy Ndlovu

    Great Service!!

    Great Service!! Great results!! 🙂

    Highly recommend!!

    Brendan Michie